• 1948

    Born in Shanghai, China




    Began studying Chinese ink painting under Wang Chimei, son of Wang Yiting




    Began studying Western painting and drawing under Zhang Chongren, a graduate of the Belgium Royal Academy of Art




    During the Cultural Revolution, was a propaganda artist for the Communist Party




    Visited a number of China's significant scenic, historic and cultural sites once travel restrictions eased after the Cultural Revolution including the celebrated peaks of Huangshan in Anhui Province



    Late 1970s

    In Gansu Province, Li taught himself the early history of Chinese painting and achieved an understanding of religious painting through informal study of the Buddhist cave temples at Dunhuang




    Travelled to Beijing to see his first Northern Song landscape painting and first major exhibition of modern Western art




    Moved to San Francisco in the United States




    Received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Academy of Art, San Francisco


    Held his first one-man exhibition in America at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, featuring a combination of Dunhuang-style paintings and Abstract Expressionist works, which received critical acclaim from the leading scholar of Chinese painting, Michael Sullivan




    Began creating Monumental Landscapes works 


    Explored the prospects and boundaries of abstract painting combined with elements from early Chinese art. Created his signature style featuring grand mountain compositions that recall the monumental landscapes of the Northern Song dynasty




    Publication of "Li Huayi Landscape Paintings (1993-95)"




    Began creating Rock, Bamboo and Moonlight works 


    Solo Exhibition, "The Landscapes of Li Huayi" at Kaikodo, New York, United States


    Publication of "The Landscapes of Li Huayi", Exhibition Catalogue




    Group Exhibition, "In Concert: Landscapes by Li Huayi and Zhang Hong" at Kaikodo, New York, United States


    Publication of "In Concert: Landscapes by Li Huayi and Zhang Hong", Exhibition Catalogue




    Made a number of pilgrimages to famous mountains in China including Huangshan Mountain in Anhui, Wuyishan in Fujian, Zhangjiajie in Hunan, and Huashan in Shanxi, as well as an exploration of Li Cheng's home territory in Shandong




    Solo Exhibition, "The Monumental Landscapes of Li Huayi" at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, United States


    Publication of "The Monumental Landscapes of Li Huayi", Exhibition Catalogue




    Became a disciple of Chen Pei Qiu, master of Chinese painting from Shanghai


    Began creating Fan Format and Small Format works




    Made a pilgrimage to Mount Lu or Lushan in Jiangxi. 


    Began creating Multiple Screen Installation works




    First visited Xinjiang and Zhejiang Provinces


    Solo Exhibition, "Mountain Landscapes by Li Huayi", Eskenazi Gallery, London, United Kingdom


    Publication of "Mountain Landscapes by Li Huayi", Exhibition Catalogue




    Solo Exhibition, "Li Huayi at 60: Paintings in the Yiqingzhai Collection" at The Ink Society, Hong Kong, China


    Publication of "Li Huayi at 60: Paintings in the Yiqingzhai Collection"Exhibition Catalogue


    Began creating Works of Gilded Screens




    Made a pilgrimage to Xinjiang, China




    Solo Exhibition, "Trees, Rocks, Mist and Mountains by Li Huayi", Eskenazi Gallery, New York Asia Week, New York, United States


    Publication of "Trees, Rocks, Mist and Mountains by Li Huayi", Exhibition Catalogue


    Began creating his series "Exotica", in which he translated a newfound invisible energy he discovered in his travels that triggered a subconscious evolution within himself and resulted in a fresh outlook on the world




    Solo Exhibition, "Images of the Mind: The Ink Painting of Li Huayi", National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China


    Solo Exhibition, "Beyond Representation: Li Huayi's New Art", Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China


    Publication of "Beyond Representation: Li Huayi's New Art", Exhibition Catalogue


    Solo Exhibition, "The Twelve Animals of the Zodiac by Li Huayi", Eskenazi Gallery, London, United Kingdom


    Publication of "The Twelve Animals of the Zodiac", Exhibition Catalogue




    Group Exhibition,“Associated Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Painting by Li Huayi and Li Jin”, at Gallery 100, Taipei, Taiwan


    Publication of "Li Huayi", Exhibition Catalogue for “Associated Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Painting by Li Huayi and Li Jin”




    Solo Exhibition, "Waterfalls, Rocks and Bamboo by Li Huayi", at Eskenazi Gallery, London, the United Kingdom


    Publication of "Waterfalls, Rocks and Bamboo by Li Huayi", Exhibition Catalogue




    Took a month-long trip to hike East Tianmu Mountain, Huangshan Mountain, Qiyun Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain and Tianzhu Mountain in Anhui Province; to cross the Wulong natural karst bridges in Chongqing; and to explore the previously inaccessible areas of Shichuan, Hubei and Hunan, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wulingyuan




    Solo Exhibition of "Exotica: Recent Works of Li Huayi", Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China


    Publication of "Exotica: Latest Works of Li Huayi", by Kwai Fung Art Publishing House




    Solo Exhibition, "Fantasies on Paper and Enchantments in Gold", Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China


    Solo Exhibition of "Li Huayi", Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Art Basel, Hong Kong, China


    Solo Exhibition, "Landscapes in New Dimensions", Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China


    Publication of "Li Huayi: Landscapes from a Master’s Heart", Monograph, by Rizzoli International Publications Inc. and Kwai Fung Art Publishing


    Currently lives and works in Beijing, China.