Waterfalls, Rocks and Bamboo by Li Huayi: Eskenazi Gallery, London

15 October - 15 November 2014

Eight new works by the renowned contemporary ink painter, Li Huayi, are the focus of this exhibition.



The highly acclaimed Chinese contemporary ink painter, Li Huayi, has created eight new works to be exhibited at Eskenazi Limited. Five are ink and colour landscapes, with Li’ s characteristic combination of large areas of dark inky wash with detailed brushwork. These new landscapes are notable for their extensive inclusion of the element of water: waterfalls hurtle through deep crevices and swirling clouds, creating a sense of energy and movement. The remaining works in the exhibition represent a completely new departure for Li. Inspired by the tenth-century master, Xu Xi, he explores the theme ‘Rock in Moonlight’ in a series of three paintings. Leafy bamboo, beloved of the Chinese literati elite, autumn leaves and large garden rocks from Lake Tai are observed with Li’s usual meticulous detail but are given a contemporary twist by the artist’s subtle play with light and dark tonalities.