23 - 25 March 2017


Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery proudly presents the solo exhibition of Li Huayi at Booth 3D46 at the Insights sector in Art Basel Hong Kong.


The exhibition is curated by Dr. Kuiyi Shen, Professor of Art History, Theory, & Criticism and Director of Chinese Studies Program at University of California, San Diego. Three new ink paintings on antique Japanese gold foil screen works will be shown. The exhibits will be presented in a special booth designed by renowned interior designer Steve Leung. In particular, tailor-made lighting set-up designed by lighting specialist Tino Kwan will be employed to allow full expression of the subtlety and mysteries in the extraordinary visual impact from the works painted on antique Japanese gold foil screen.


Dr. Kuiyi Shen mentioned in the Curator Statement,  "Among Chinese artists working today, Li Huayi is unique.  Although he uses traditional themes and materials, his works reveal a strongly modern sensibility and conceptually brilliant originality… Li Huayi's vision may be said to embody a modern, almost romantic sense of wonder at the eternal beauties intrinsic to the natural world.  Thus his work, so close to Song dynasty styles, compositionally and conceptually reflects the cosmopolitanism of this era…


His recent landscape paintings, particularly those in the screen format, are even more powerful...  The fragmentation of his earlier works is now pushed a step further, as Li resists the imposition of perfect quiet, and instead imbues the peaks with a barely controlled sense of motion.  As though challenging the imagination with virtual reality, or intervening in a world transformed by new visual technologies, Li Huayi's recent cliffs, peaks, and trees resonate with movement to create a new kind of illusion…"